Veteran Services Advisory Committee


The Veteran Services Advisory Committee serves to promote services and resources available to veterans and their families in the City of Westbrook. In addition, the Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor's Office to advocate for the needs of Westbrook veterans. The Committee is tasked with the coordination of recognition and remembrance services and ceremonies for events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day. See Sections 7-22 through 7-27 of the Westbrook Code of Ordinances for more information. 

This seven-member board is composed of the following representatives, all appointed by the Mayor: 

  • One representative from American Legion Post 62, located at 17 Dunn Street
  • One representative from American Legion Post 197, located at 300 Conant Street
  • Two Westbrook veterans
  • Two Westbrook residents, either veteran or non-veteran
  • One City of Westbrook municipal employee


Position Name Term Expires
Post 62 Rep. Roger Barr 3/1/2023
Post 197 Rep. Steve Girard 3/1/2023
Veteran Michael Sanphy 3/1/2023
Veteran Michael Dubois 3/1/2023
Resident Deborah Shangraw 3/1/2023
Resident Alexander Stone 3/1/2023
Municipal Employee Arty Ledoux, Veteran Services Officer 3/1/2023

Serving Your Community

Westbrook is a welcoming and inclusive community, and we recognize that a wide array of opinions, backgrounds, and representation in local government improves quality of life for our citizens. We continually seek membership on our boards, commissions, and committees that reflects the diversity of our community. 

All interested applicants (both new applicants and those seeking to renew their appointments) must complete the Application for Membership to a Board, Commission, or Committee. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 for assistance.