Business Retention & Expansion

Why is BR&E Important?

The City of Westbrook recognizes that thriving communities need to be economically successful. This BR&E program engages the business community in developing comprehensive business retention and expansion planning, which in turn helps businesses stay, grow and become more committed to the community. Engagement with the community involves education, training and providing research for each community, thus building upon their ability to assess opportunities, understand local/regional/state resources and issues that impact their economies. 

The retention and expansion of local businesses can:

  • Keep or increase jobs
  • Preserve or increase the local tax base
  • Increase local property values
  • Increase confidence in the local community as a place to invest
  • Maintain or diversify the economic base

Strengthening Existing Businesses to Create Thriving Local Economies

Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) is an economic development strategy of proactively connecting with existing businesses to understand and respond to local business needs. Over time, a quality and targeted BR&E program improves the business operating climate, ensures competition remains healthy, provides quality jobs and employment opportunities and assists in stabilizing the economy.