Westbrook Environmental Improvement Corporation


The Westbrook Environmental Improvement Corporation (WEIC) is a nonprofit corporation owned solely by the City of Westbrook. WEIC’s purpose is to coordinate the implementation of tax increment financing districts and to impose standards on their use to produce a public benefit greater than that produced by individual districts. Each WEIC project will meet the City’s most significant needs within the following four categories: land improvements, water improvements, air improvements, and municipal solid waste improvements. 

This Corporation was established as a nonprofit with the State of Maine on 7/15/1994, and operates in accordance with the provisions of Order 1995-36 adopted by City Council on 3/6/1995.

WEIC is composed of eleven members, as follows:

  • One member representing a Westbrook Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, to be appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council
  • Three members representing the Westbrook business community, to be appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council
  • The Mayor of the City of Westbrook
  • One member to be recommended by the Recreation & Conservation Commission and approved by City Council
  • Two City Councilors to be nominated by the City Council President and approved by the Mayor 
  • Three members of the general public, to be appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council


Position Name Term Expires
TIF District Member Stephen Noyes 12/31/2025
Business Community Member Rob Mitchell 12/31/2023
Business Community Member Steven Rand 12/31/2022
Business Community Member Michael Dobkowski 12/31/2024
Mayor Michael T. Foley Concurrent with elected position
Recreation & Conservation Member Warren Lain 12/31/2025
City Councilor Gary Rairdon Concurrent with elected position
City Councilor Victor Chau Concurrent with elected position
General Public Member Margaret Innes 12/31/2024
General Public Member Guy Cote 12/31/2023
General Public Member John O'Hara 12/31/2022

Mission, Values, Vision


  • To identify, protect, preserve and improve environmental resources within the City of Westbrook
  • To balance the goal of environmental stewardship with responsible economic development within the City of Westbrook
  • To capture and administer financial resources allocated to environmental protection and responsible economic development in cooperation with the City Administration and the City Council for the benefit of Westbrook taxpayers


  • We value a clean environment where our land, air and water are protected
  • We value responsible economic development that balances environmental concerns with the economic vitality of our community
  • We value the diversity of our Board and the points of view represented by each of the constituencies represented
  • We value team work and working collaboratively with the Administration, City Council, residents and the business community to make Westbrook a healthy, attractive and vibrant community


  • Westbrook becoming a “drive to,” rather than a “drive through” community
  • Westbrook competing regionally and statewide in terms of its natural environment, business environment, image and quality of life
  • Westbrook demonstrating that a healthy environment and a strong economy can co-exist
  • Westbrook demonstrating that responsible stewardship of our natural resources will help ensure a sustainable economy for future generations

Serving Your Community

Westbrook is a welcoming and inclusive community, and we recognize that a wide array of opinions, backgrounds, and representation in local government improves quality of life for our citizens. We continually seek membership on our boards, commissions, and committees that reflects the diversity of our community. 

All interested applicants (both new applicants and those seeking to renew their appointments) must complete the Application for Membership to a Board, Commission, or Committee. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 for assistance.