Natural Resources

Falmouth Beaver LodgeBackground

There are large tracts of undeveloped land in Westbrook that are known to include natural resources such as deer wintering areas and wetlands and/or there are view corridors that have been recognized as important to the community. Natural resources are depicted on maps within this chapter. The information on the Essential Habitat, Rare Plants and Water Resources map has been provided by the State of Maine. Westbrook follows state regulations regarding development of wetlands. Large areas of undeveloped land with access to public roads are naturally attractive for development. While development is allowed, it is guided by law in order to protect these resources to the greatest extent practicable. The development review process in Westbrook includes consideration of pertinent Beginning with Habitat maps and information regarding critical natural resources and requires developers to identify critical natural resources that may be on site and to take appropriate and practicable measures to protect those resources. Westbrook will coordinate with neighboring communities and regional partnerships to protect such resources.

  • Westbrook will continue to pursue public/private partnerships to protect resources of importance to the community through purchase of land or easements from willing sellers.
  • Westbrook will continue to encourage those living in or near natural resources to take advantage of the current use tax programs and applicable local, state, or federal regulations and incentives.
  • Westbrook will continue to respect private property rights.
  • Recommendations on recreation, parks and open space are included in the Recreation chapter.