Planning Board


The Planning Board is the approval body for all subdivisions and commercial site plan development in the City of Westbrook. In addition, the Planning Board is an advisory body to the City Council on matters related to Land Use Ordinances, Contract Zoning, and the Comprehensive Plan. See Sections 7-1 through 7-13 of the Westbrook Code of Ordinances for more information. 

The Planning Board consists of seven members and two alternate members, all appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. All members must be residents and registered voters of the City of Westbrook. 


Name Term Expires
Rebecca Dillon (Chair) 12/31/2024
Larry McWilliams (Vice Chair) 12/31/2026
Nancy Litrocapes 12/31/2025
Robin Tannenbaum 12/31/2026
Karen Axelsen 12/31/2023
John A. Turcotte 12/31/2025
Jason Frazier 12/31/2025
Kevin Price (Alternate) 12/31/2024
Susan Roma (Alternate)  12/31/2024

Meeting Information

Planning Board meetings are held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month. View the 2024 Planning Board Schedule (PDF) for more information. Planning Board meetings are held in Room 114 at the Westbrook High School (125 Stroudwater Street), and are open to the public. Meetings are also broadcast on Westbrook Community TV (Spectrum channel 1302) as well as live on the City's website. A remote participation option is also available through Zoom

Serving Your Community

Westbrook is a welcoming and inclusive community, and we recognize that a wide array of opinions, backgrounds, and representation in local government improves quality of life for our citizens. We continually seek membership on our boards, commissions, and committees that reflects the diversity of our community.

All interested applicants (both new applicants and those seeking to renew their appointments) must complete the Application for Membership to a Board, Commission, or Committee. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 for assistance.