Sewer Fees

Storm Sewer Drainage Pipe

The City of Westbrook utilizes the Portland Water District as their billing agent for sewer bills. Annually, the Portland Water District is responsible for turning over any and all unpaid sewer charges.

Late Payments

As a courtesy, a notice is sent to the owner of the property, giving them 30 days to pay the balance in full. If the balance is still unpaid, a 30 day Notice to Lien is sent to the property owner. Per State law, the owner of the property is responsible for any and all unpaid sewer charges, even if charge was accrued by a tenant of the property.

A final lien is placed on the property if charges are still unpaid after the 30 day Notice to Lien expires. After 17 months a 30 day notice to foreclose on the property is sent. The lien automatically forecloses into the City’s name if still unpaid after 18 months.

If you have received any one of these notices, please contact the tax collector at 854-9105 extension 1202


All other sewer related questions please contact the Westbrook Wastewater Division.

For immediate attention during business hours, please contact Linda Gain at 207-854-9105, extension 1220, or by email.