Tax Relief Programs

The State of Maine offers a number of programs to help qualified individuals and businesses reduce their tax obligations:

Maine Residents Property Tax Fairness Credit

The  Property Tax Credit [formerly the Circuitbreaker Program] can be claimed on the Maine Individual Income Tax Form. A worksheet will be included with Maine individual Income Tax Form to calculate the amount of the credit. 

For more information visit this section of the Maine Revenue website.

Property Tax Stabilization Program

Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens, also known as the Property Tax Stabilization Program, is a State program that allows certain senior-citizen residents to stabilize, or freeze, the property taxes on their homestead. As long as you qualify and file an application each year, the tax billed to you for your homestead will be frozen at the amount you were billed in the prior tax year. Eligible residents who move may transfer the fixed tax amount to a new homestead, even if that new homestead is in a different Maine municipality. 

For guidelines and the application visit this section of the Maine Revenue Website.

Tree Growth, Open Space & Farmland Programs

To obtain more information visit the Property Tax Applications, Rules and Publications page.

Tree Growth

Provides for lower land assessment and requires a minimum of 10 acres and a Forest Management Plan prepared by a licensed Forester.

Open Space

Provides for lower land assessments depending on selected Open Space Land Classification.


Provides for a lower land assessment and requires a minimum of 5 acres and $2,000 annual income from farming activities.