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Farming in Westbrook

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Smiling Hill Farm

The Knight Family - 12th Generation Westbrook


For generations the Knights have lived in close connection with the land. As our ancestors carried out the work of the seasons they were keenly aware of the connection between humans, animals and the environment. Whether cutting hay, putting up garden preserves, stacking firewood, cutting ice, tapping trees, or sowing seeds, it wasn't radical to be thoughtful about the environment. It was common sense.

Today Smiling Hill Farm continues to work in a way that is sensitive to the environment. We bottle our milk in reusable glass bottles, collect whey from our cheese to feed pigs, refuse to apply chemical fertilizers to our fields, and are actively exploring alternative forms of energy. Each action we take impacts the environment not only for our lifetime, but for the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. We pride ourselves on the care we take to minimize our impact on the environment and to contribute to its stability and diversity.

“We seek to remain an agricultural oasis amid the sprawl of Greater Portland. Preserving an agricultural way of life for the next generation to experience and enjoy”

- Roger Knight, Smiling Hill Farm

The Farm

SH Farm

The Knight's have managed this farm since the 1700's.

The Dairy Store

 SHF Dairy-1

Offering a complete selection of dairy products including milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt.

Silvery Moon Creamery

Silvery Moon Logo

The on-farm artisanal cheese producer of award-winning soft and hard cheeses.

Cross Country Skiing

SHF Skiing

Winter brings over 25 km of Snowcat groomed xc ski trails for both traditional Nordic and freestyle skiing.