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Workplace Wellness

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An Economic Development Tool that Makes Sense

The City of Westbrook is partnering local business with area resources, including the Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness, to help employers put the focus on workplace wellness with the goal of lowering health care costs; enhancing productivity; reducing absenteeism; lowering employee health risks; and increasing job satisfaction & morale.  Smart businesses should evaluate what Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness and other companies like them can do to help you attract and keep a healthy workforce.


Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness

The Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness is a Maine brand that has been serving the health and wellness needs of Mainers since 1976.  The current center offers employers a wide range of services and programs designed to lower health care costs, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, maximize employee health status and build sustainable healthy worksite cultures.

The Lifeline Center provides resources that flow through 4 distinct service lines:

HealthWoRx Options- Is a “one stop shop” of services and programs designed to meet the unique wellness needs and budgets of Maine employers. Lifeline has partnered with a number of local, regional and nationally recognized organizations to provide high quality, outcome based services. Our menu ranges from consulting to health risk appraisals to health coaching to online wellness portals.

Southern Maine Wellness Council- Was created in the mid 1980s by the United Way of Greater Portland. This membership organization provides leadership and support via networking, resource development and trainings. Membership fees are tiered to provide access for employers of all sizes.

Corporate Fitness Partners – Lifeline has partnered with local fitness centers to bring discounted fitness/wellness memberships to employers/employees in the Greater Portland area.The goal is to encourage employers to support physical activity among employees as a means to enhance employee health and productivity.

Small Business Wellness Solutions – In collaboration with Wellsteps, a nationally recognized wellness vendor, we are offering small Maine employers with a unique opportunity to implement a wellness program that can be integrated into daily business operations. Each employer is assigned a Wellness Guide who will work hand in hand to help build a sustainable model that will make a measureable difference in the lives of employees and family members.

Contact Tom Downing, Lifeline President at  207-272-8159 or for information on all Lifeline services.     You can also go to our website at: