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Proposed Consolidated Municipal & School Facility

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9/3 - Bids are in for facility construction with work to being within the month. More information on the impact of the project on school buses is available from the American Journal.  

Current Facilities

Though our current facilities have served us well for many years, 45 years in the case of the Public Services garage, over time the buildings have aged and the staff has outgrown our available space.

  • Inadequate -- Existing facilities were designed to meet street division needs only.  We have since consolidated, moving the forestry, cemetery and parks divisions into the facility leaving us with limited work space and no room to further consolidate.
  • Unsafe -- School bus maintenance is performed in a  substandard building and facilities lack up to date systems and equipment. Employee spaces are outdated and antiquated.
  • Inefficient -- Existing facilities have exceeded their normal service life and are inefficient to heat, cool and maintain.
  • Non-Compliant -- Current facilities are not compliant with existing occupational and environmental standards required by law.
  • Wasteful -- At present, municipal and school service facilities are located throughout the city at independent sites resulting in the duplication of administrative and operational costs. 

SewerSewer Department  Public ServicesPublic Services Department
 Bus GarageSchool Bus Maintenance
 Police GaragePublic Safety Maintenance

Proposed Consolidated Facility

Construction of an up-to-date facility will provide efficient, safe and reliable systems. Additionally, the facility will allow us to accommodate an increased number of staff consolidated to one location. 

  • Effective -- The facility will increase and modernize work space and the included vehicle wash bay will help protect $12 million of municipal and school equipment, extending the life of taxpayer investments.
  • Safe -- Updating the facility will provide a safe and healthy work environment for staff and meet the required occupational and environmental standards.
  • Efficient -- Consolidation of multiple vehicle storage and maintenance locations means maintenance for the City fleet and school buses will be preformed at a single site and facilitated by a fleet manager increasing efficiency and collaboration.
  • Value Added -- Modern and efficient buildings and systems will be more economical to operate and the vacated properties have the potential to become taxable property.

New Facility