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The Planning Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Additional meetings are held, at the discretion of the Chairman, on the third Tuesday of the month and/or as needed.

Application, Process Overview, & Meeting Schedule

Planning Board Application * Required for all applications 

Planning Board Process Overview

Planning Board Meeting Schedule


Sketch Site Plan Checklist

Site Plan Checklist

Subdivision Checklist

Conditional Use Checklist

Child Care Conditional Use Checklist

Site Plan for Administrative Change Checklist

Village Review Overlay Zone Checklist

Additional Materials

Performance Guarantee Spreadsheet - Unit Cost Estimate

Master Fee Schedule

Zoning Performance Standards

Depending on the nature of the project it may be approved administratively or by the Planning Board. 

There is no application for a rezoning or for a Contract Zone, both of which must be approved by the City Council. Please submit a letter of request for a rezoning or Contract Zone to the Planning Department. The Land Use Ordinance (Section 107) outlines the conditions in which the City Council will consider approval of a Contract Zone.