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The City of Westbrook offers a General Assistance (GA) program that assists eligible residents, for a limited period of time, who are unable to provide basic necessities essential to maintain themselves or their families. Eligibility is determined according to income and guidelines.  GA is administered in accordance with the City of Westbrook ordinance and Maine State Statute, Chapter 22. This program provides confidential financial assistance to Westbrook residents who are having difficulty meeting basic needs for shelter, food, fuel, electricity and medical expenses. This program is designed to be the program of “last resort” for residents of the community who are unable to provide for their basic needs. The department works with clients to self-sustain, utilizing a myriad of social services within Cumberland County. The program is funded by local property taxes with 50% reimbursement from the state. All assistance is granted in voucher form to local merchants. The City works with applicants to ensure that appropriate community referrals are made to support services.

The City is required to have someone available 24 hours a day to take applications in an emergency. If this is an EMERGENCY and the office is closed, please contact:

 Westbrook Public Safety 207-854-0654.

The Importance of Utilizing Resources:

It is important that an applicant use their income for basic necessities. If an applicant chooses to spend their income on non-basic items, they may not be eligible for GA. Applicants must apply and use all other resources available:

  • TANF & other DHHS programs
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Subsidized Housing programs
  • Government assisted programs & community resources
  • Federal food supplements
  • Support from legally liable relatives
  • MaineCare/Medicaid/Medicare

What to Bring with you when you apply: 

  • Identification & Social Security Cards for Household.
  • Signed lease/rental agreement
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Last thirty days receipts (re-peat applicant)
  • Work related expenses
  • Medical statement if unable to work
  • Proof of all household income (past 30 days)