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Accounts Payable

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The city of Westbrook processes accounts payable on a weekly basis.  Our process is as follows:


1 – Invoices are received by various departments, they review and approve for payment

2 – Approved invoices are sent to city hall for processing, all invoices are due by Wednesday at noon

3 – Accounting Clerk reviews for appropriate accounting, approvals and council orders before processing each invoice

4 – Checks are cut on Friday of each week, the warrant is compiled and is ready to review

5 – Warrant is reviewed by the Treasurer, City Auditor and members of the City Finance Committee

6 – Checks are mailed once all approvals are obtained, generally by the Wednesday of week after the bill was submitted



If you have a question about an invoice that has been submitted to the city, please call the department first, they are responsible for approval and submission to the finance department for processing.


If the payment has been sent by the department to city hall, please call or email Jennifer Pratt, Accounts Payable/Accounting Clerk at 207-854-9105 x1207 or


If you have a question about a school invoice, please call or email Peggy Day, Accounts Payable Specialist at 207-591-6051 or


Purchase Policy

Federal W-9 – the city must have an up to date W-9 prior to releasing any accounts payable check