Licensed Food Trucks & Pushcarts

License Requirements

All food service establishments in the City of Westbrook require a Food Service Establishment license. This includes not only brick-and-mortar restaurants, but mobile vendors such as food trucks and pushcarts. Vendors may choose to obtain an annual license, or may obtain a Temporary Food Service License, which allows them to operate at a single event lasting no more than three days. 

List of Licensed Food Trucks

The City of Westbrook regularly receives inquiries from members of the public and from organizations intending to host public events about which food trucks and pushcarts are currently licensed in the City of Westbrook. Please consult the following list of licensed food trucks and pushcarts.

List updated as of 10/31/2023

Business  NameType (truck or pushcart)Contact informationCurrently licensed through
Barry Larry'sfood truckbarrylarrysme@gmail.com8/1/2024
Bowliciousfood truckbowliciousme@gmail.com9/1/2024
Cheese the Day
food truckaaron.milberger@cheesethedayme.com4/1/2024
Crepe Elizabethfood 
Cruzin Slicefood truckcruzinslice@gmail.com4/1/2024
Eighty 8 Donutsdonut 
Empanada Clubfood truckadrianintouch@gmail.com7/1/2024
Fred's Fried Doughfried dough cartfredsfrieddough@gmail.com6/1/2024
Great Scott's Mac Wagonfood truckgreatscotteats@gmail.com5/1/2024
Great Wave Sushifood truckgreatwavesushi@gmail.com9/1/2024
Hero's on Wheelsfood truckddefelice05@yahoo.com6/1/2024
King of Donairfood truckkingofdonair@outloook.com9/1/2024
L/A Tacofood truckfoodtruckgirl6@gmail.com7/1/2024
Maine-ly Meatballsfood truckmainelymeatballs@gmail.com8/1/2024
Meet on the Streetfood trucktidewalkerventures@gmail.com5/1/2024
Millside Creations "Steemie Weenie"hot dog cartdperreault85@gmail.com6/1/2024
Mow's Munchiesfood truckmowsmunchies@gmail.com6/1/2024
Naturally Jammindesserts wagonnaturallyjammin@gmail.com9/1/2024
North East Ice Creamtraditional ice cream trucknortheasticecreamllc@gmail.com6/1/2024
PB & MEfood truckpbjinme@gmail.com8/1/2024
Pinky D's Incfood truckfoodtruckguy@aol.com9/1/2024
Rollin' In The Doughpizza trucklisadorrington@yahoo.com7/1/2024
Smokin' J's Wicked BBQfood trucksmokinjswickedbbq@gmail.com4/1/2024
Sook Thai Mobile Kitchenfood trucksookthaimobilekitchen@gmail.com6/1/2024
The Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truckvegan food trucktotallyawesomevegan@gmail.com9/1/2024
Weenie Wagon IIfood truckmstrout3@maine.rr.com4/1/2024
Zephyr Icedesserts cartzephyriceportland@gmail.com12/1/2023

If you wish to host a public event including a food truck which does not appear on this list, the vendor may apply for a Temporary Food Service License. For more information, please contact Deputy City Clerk Mel Fernald at 207-591-8109.