Upcoming Election Information

The next election will take place on Tuesday November 7, 2017. Westbrook voters will be given ballots for a State Referendum.

Ballot Content

What's going to be on the ballot? The Secretary of State has certified two citizen initiatives which will be voted on at the November 7, 2017 referendum election unless enacted without change by the 128th Legislature in the first regular session. The 128th Legislature may also approve one or more bond issues or other referendum to be ratified by the voters at this referendum election.

State Ballot Items

The proposed referendum items for the State ballots are outlined as the following:

Proposed Initiative Ballot Questions

Title: An Act To Allow Slot Machines or a Casino in York County

Do you want to allow a certain out-of-state company to operate table games and/or slot machines in York County, subject to state and local approval, with part of the profits going to specific programs?

Title: An Act To Enhance Access to Affordable Health Care

Do you want Maine to provide health insurance through Medicaid for qualified adults under age 65 with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty line (which is now about $16,000 for a single person and $22,000 for a family of two)?

Additional Information

For more information on State ballot items, please visit the Secretary of State's website.